How to Survive Spring Break with Kids

The best part about having kids? You get to relive your spring break glory days (more or less) and soak up some sun while escaping your job for a little while. With so much to look forward to, here are some fail-proof tips to make your beach vacation go as smoothly as possible with your tots in tow.

Sunscreen, sunscreen, and then more sunscreen

We can not stress this enough if we tried. The only thing more miserable than a sunburned adult? A sunburned toddler. Not only will they be in pain, but going outside won’t be an option for burning off that endless energy.


A well-packed beach bag
Yes, yes, we know that you already have beach umbrellas, diapers, and toys to lug to the beach… But you will thank us later for adding the following items to your bag. Snacks are vital because the sun will literally suck the energy right out of you. A sun-dazed child sounds great in theory (peace and quiet!), but trust us, you want to keep them fueled up or you will be carrying the entire family home in addition to their equipment. Be smart and don’t pack snacks that can melt (chocolate!) and stear clear of sugary foods that will encourage sugar crashes later on in the day.
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Phi Phi Island Ferry

Phi Phi Island is a highly visited beach located near Thailand. It is an option for many city dwellers in Singapore when it comes to weekend trip destination. A journey to Phi Phi Island is worthwhile experience. Limestone cliffs, Golden sand beaches, coral reefs, turquoise blue sea hidden coves, great night life, canoeing adventures, delicious Thai delicacies, snorkeling, rock climbing, are all available at the Phi Phi Island. For this reason tourist and city dwellers who have visited this site must return again and again.

Phi Phi Island, also referred to as PP Island is only a couple of hours distance from Krabi and Phuket in Thailand. Whenever you visit any of these places, make out time to visit the really amazing PP. Phi Phi Island was totally destroyed by the Tsunami a few years ago. It was the second most affected location hit by the enormous wave, but everything has now been beautifully restored by to its natural beauty. The facilities now are likely to be better than they used to be.

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The Health Benefits of Vacation

Vacations are desirable for many reasons… What you might not realize is that taking a break from your status quo can lead to a boost in your overall health and wellness! People who take vacations are proven to have lower stress levels, a more positive outlook on life, decreased risk of heart disease, and an extra jolt of motivation to reach their goals. Don’t worry if you don’t have the time or budget to spend a month in Europe—just 24 hours away will let you reap all of these benefits.


Do you find yourself face to face with a mental roadblock or dip in your creativity and problem solving abilities? Taking time away from your every day life and work can lead to a boost in creativity and reasoning skills. A well-rested mind is a beautiful thing! In addition to increasing your mental skills, rest improves your health and overall wellbeing. The stimuli of your typical day can prevent you from getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night required for a healthy life. When you are worn out, stress levels sky rocket and diet and exercise fly out the window. Your body also prohibits natural healing when it is deprived of sleep. So, catching some extra ZZZs on vacation can help you repair and renew in ways that nothing else can. In addition to leaving you well rested, a vacation lets you step away from your current work and personal struggles—and approach them with a fresh mind and new perspective upon your return. Just as stepping away from a problem can help lead you to a solution, vacation can serve the same purpose for your job and personal relationships. This leads to decreased instances of burnout in the workplace.

Is your family at each other’s throats, nitpicking and making mountains out of molehills? Vacation is proven to strengthen the bonds within a family and repair damage caused by tension. Quality time together is a luxury and taking some time away with your partner or family will remind you why you love each other in the first place! Let loose with fun activities and relaxation to forge deeper bonds and repair any emotional stress. Experiences made away from everyday life strengthen positive associations and have a wonderful impact on the overall emotional health of the family unit. Shared memories will last far beyond your week at the beach and bring you joy for years to come.
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Embrace Your Inner Nomad: Horseback Riding Tours in Kyrgyzstan

“If you have only 1 day of life of this earth, spend half of it in a saddle.” – Kyrgyz proverb

What does it mean to be a Kyrgyz nomad? Of course formal definitions will talk about the seasonal movements, living off the land, and sleeping in yurts, and yes, those are all integral to nomadic life. However, the relationship between a nomad and his horses is one of the most intriguing pillars of nomadic life in the unforgiving, life-giving Tien Shan and Pamir-Alai Mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

The threads and colors of life in Kyrgyzstan are woven and held together by a nomadic culture that revolves around horses. The untamed, unpredictable mountains have strengthened the bond between horse and man in Kyrgyzstan so much so that nomads31 don’t just use horses as a means of transportation as one might think. No, horses are also used as income, a source of food, milk, and leather, as pack animals, for entertainment, as dowries, and even in religious ceremonies in olden days. Every part of life is somehow intertwined with horses.


So if you’re planning a trip to Kyrgy top of all the information about Kyrgyzstan you’ve already found, prepare yourself for a country filled with horses. You may see herds of horses running across the mountainsides, young pre-teen boys on horseback herding sheep, ladies milking horses to make the national drink, kymyz, men wrestling on horseback for sport, or people just riding on horseback to get to the next village. Read More

The Perks of a Vacation Rental (Versus a Hotel)

As you plan your next beach vacation, you might find yourself contemplating a vacation rental versus a hotel. Here is a round-up of features that make vacation rentals an appealing option for friends, couples, and families alike.


Spending your beach vacation at a rental home ends up saving you big time compared to a hotel stay. For starters, you have your own kitchen where you can make easy meals instead of eating out three times a day for the entire week. You can also stock your own beverages and snacks— a much cheaper option than diving into the mini bar when your mid afternoon hunger strikes. And then you have the actual cost—a beach rental that can accommodate 8 people will end up being cheaper over the course of the week than two or three or even four hotel rooms. Be sure to check out a variety of property management sites for the area you are interested in and check-out included amenities to find the best deal for you and your group.



A rental property gives you great flexibility for planning your days. Have a toddler that goes down for an afternoon nap? Tuck them into a quiet bedroom and one adult can stay in the comfort of a living room while the rest of the gang heads to the beach! A home or condo is a great jumping off point— and any sunburned friends or tired kids have plenty of space to enjoy if stuck inside!


A furnished home is so much more inviting than a hotel room. For starters, you will typically have more living space—a kitchen, dining area, and living room. If it’s in your budget, you can even find a home or condo with an outdoor pool or patio area for grilling. Everyone can spread out in their respective bedrooms but still hang out together in the common areas. It is the best of all worlds. Beyond the home, some vacation properties come with neighborhood club amenities giving you access to private beach clubs, pools, and beaches. Read More