My Dubai Tour Program

I wanted to go to Dubai to visit as a tourist. I have heard so much about Dubai that it has become my priority now. I like travel and tourism and meeting people and seeing places.

I was told Dubai has many firsts in the world map and there are several things to see.

I tried to gather data from many friends and relatives, from website and tourism related people.


Finally I downloaded Dubai Tourism apps from Google play and discovered that Dubai has not only a number of wonderful architectural buildings, it has several other tourist attractions that are hidden in the traditional and cultural life style.

I wanted to find out more. My friend informed that could provide me more of details on the Dubai desert safari and that they have it in different forms. To my surprise I found I can book my tour from their site from anywhere in the world. To me desert safari was a travel in the vagabonds of desert on a camel and travelling in great challenge in the barren land with no shades. The thought of that itself made me thrill and I really wanted to see and enjoy the desert safari.

I moved to explore more on this. I reached Dubai to fulfill my dreams.

The tourist company sent a car to the hotel I was staying. To my amazement I found it is a tantalizing journey through desert in a 4 wheeler that goes up and down in the virgin sand dunes and make one experience the feel and thrill of the desert sand and its great capacity to hold. I really enjoyed the desert safari and the driving art in the sand dunes. It turned out to be an experience that I will never forget in life.

But still more, when I was taken to a desert camp after the desert safari, I was enjoying part of a multinational cuisine with over 7 nationalities together enjoying the hospitality of my host in the middle of the desert but in a wonderfully sheltered camp. It looked like a desert camel camp for me from a distance but inside it was all like a market with several facilities. I had my first camel ride there and then the horse ride. My children took the quad bike drive too. It was more fun than that I thought it would be.

The night became darker to find that music and dance on the stage took a new turn. The belly dance by a Russian girl seemed to be a high performance artistic enjoyment. The Tanoora dance after that followed by fire dance all added to the highest enjoyment of the day.

After all this we enjoyed a great community food served within the camp. There was even hot drink at one side of the camp that was a surprise to me in a country that should have been taboo but for the tourists.

The tourism company made it sure that after the full enjoyment we are dropped off at our residence.

What else we need when someone care us so much when we are away from our country and that too far off from our loved ones.

I will never forget the tantalizing desert safari I enjoyed in the land of the tallest tower.

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Meet TravelStarter – Crowdfunding for Tourism

Crowdfunding is one of the most exciting trends to emerge in the last decade, helping many individuals and small businesses achieve things that would have previously been impossible. Now an exciting new startup is taking crowdfunding to the tourism industry, allowing travelers to support the kind of businesses they want to see in the world.


Meet TravelStarter, a crowdfunding platform for tourism. Founded by passionate travelers Anushka and Blaz, TravelStarter connects tourism entrepreneurs with discerning holiday makers, helping fund innovative and sustainable tourism projects while giving travelers great rewards.

TravelStarter allows travelers to really make a difference by supporting small, sustainable tourism companies, and sharing genuine experiences rather than staying in generic hotels. Current projects include an eco-friendly bed and breakfast in Ko Lanta, Thailand which needs some urgent refurbishment, and a surfing school in Lanzarote which wants to purchase yurts to provide accommodation to visitors.

Funders, who can contribute anything from $5 upwards, are given interesting rewards such as overnight stays in the hostels or B&Bs they support, or the chance to take part in activities including excursions, tours and lessons. These rewards give travelers an opportunity to see the projects they’re funding first-hand and meet the people they’re supporting, while having experiences they couldn’t have by simply staying in soulless hotels.

For tourism entrepreneurs TravelStarter can help make ideas a reality, and even rescue struggling businesses that just need a bit of investment to turn themselves around. TravelStarter connects these businesses with a global audience of travelers who want to support small, sustainable, eco-friendly hospitality and tourism projects.

Not only does TravelStarter help tourism entrepreneurs raise funds, it also helps them gain exposure and increase their number of visitors by showcasing their business to the world. Travelers who fund a project are also likely to feel loyal towards it, tell their friends about it, and visit time and time again in the future.

TravelStarter is making exciting tourism businesses possible where previously they would have just been pipedreams. It’s also great for travelers, who are given the chance to make a difference while discovering new places and having unforgettable experiences. No longer do travelers have to just accept the choice they’re given, they can now help shape the tourism industry by supporting businesses they believe in.

Crowdfunding could really revolutionize travel for both travelers and tourism entrepreneurs. TravelStarter wants to make this happen, helping people ‘travel globally, live locally’.

PhuketFit Retreat In Thailand

If you are looking for a place to kickstart a healthy lifestyle, while being relaxed and supported every step of the way, then PhuketFit Retreat in Thailand is the place for you.

This is a retreat that is very different from any other fitness spa or resort that you may have heard of or experienced so far. With handpicked fitness and nutrition experts from around the world, PhuketFit Retreat is a place where only committed and dedicated people work towards the goal of helping you meet your fitness goals, whether it be weight loss or starting a healthy lifestyle or achieving even greater levels of fitness than you currently have.


The combination of approaches used at PhuketFit aim to give a holistic experience to guests at the retreat. Every guest is treated as an individual unlike any other and is helped to create a customized program that reflects the individual needs and preferences. This is one of the reasons why the programs at PhuketFit are so effective and powerful.

From cleanses to the fitness session and the special diet plans, every session is treated with utmost care and scientific rigor. Guests are supported every step of the way with one-on-one sessions with our experts in fitness and nutrition. With different programs thoughtfully planned out, you are sure to find one that suits your needs. Each program can be experienced in a variety of packages varying in duration, but each is affordable and comes with regular promotions that make it even more delightful!

The unique fat loss camp helps you lose weight while giving you the education and strategies required to help you maintain it even when you go back home. With a menu plan that is divinely delicious while being nutritionally well balanced, you are guided to lose weight and fat, not just fluids, while also indulging in vigorous and interesting workouts that inspire you to continue long after you leave the retreat!


If you are looking to cleanse and detox your body, then the special Mind and Body cleanse is for you. There is no better way to regain your youthful radiance and health than through this program. It helps to identify and eliminate internal and external stressors, flush out toxins, and restore your mind and body to a state of optimal balance and equilibrium. Best of all, we show you how to maintain this when you get back home too. All this is attained by using the most scientific and also natural techniques, from cleansing drinks and herbs, young coconut juices, vegetable broths, yoga and fitness classes, dietary supplements, and a liver flush. Read More

Central Park Pedicab Tours

Riding and biking the Pedicabs are eco friendly avenues for the Peter Pan Tours of Central Park. Another option is taking a walk, however most tourist do shy away from doing this due to the small size of the park. With Pedicab riding and biking, you will be able to visit and enjoy a greater part of the park without contributing polluted air to the environment.


Apart from the human effort of pedicab drivers. Central Park Pedicab Tours does not make use of any fossil fuels. This is an eco friendly and a clean way of moving around which is more fun than walking or driving.

Elderly people who cannot work for long stretches or ride a bike can still have a glimpse of the fantastic view during the Central Park Tours. An ideal way of enjoying the serene environment around the park is by riding in a pedicab.


Families who intend to take a tour of the park together are attended to by professional tour guides who have at least a year experience in the operation and driving of the Pedicabs and are conversant with all of the attractions. The rides are less expensive and offers everyone the opportunity to have fun. There are lots of interesting places for you to visit depending on your interest.

Pedicab tours can make stops at interesting places inside or along the park. Those with keen interest in movies can visit areas used in shooting some famous movies while lovers of nature on the other hand have the opportunity of visiting strawberry field at the Bethesda Terrace. Also on the park are houses lived by famous people for individuals who enjoy following and watching the lives of the famous and rich.

For persons who enjoy a little stretching and are physically fit, biking would be a great way to tour the park.

Wine in Provence: A Truly Exceptional Wine Tour Operator in France

Amidst the beauty and the greenery of the French region Provence, hundreds of wine enthusiasts find repose tasting different flavors of wine each year. That is, owing to the untamable enthusiasm of one tour operator that received TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 3 years in a row, from 2011 to 2013. That operator is Wine in Provence.

Experts in support


Exciting and versatile spots

The great thing about Wine in Provence is that it offers tours in multiple locations of the region. You can either let your eyes and taste buds relax in Aix en Provence, or can visit Bandol – the heaven of fruity red wines. If historical monuments inspire you, you may be well-served by taking a Chateauneuf du Pape Wine Tour, as you will then get to visit ancient ruins of the 13th century. Another option is to choose a Les Baux St. Remy Wine Tour and enjoy stunning surroundings.


Truly engaging tours

Each and every tour will bring to you a guide who speaks English fluently. That means you can expect your tour to be fun and very educational. You can also expect to get answers to all your doubts and questions. In addition to that, every tour provides free transportation from and to your hotel and a free gift of wine tasting guide.


Apart from witnessing production facilities and barrel rooms, you are allowed to walk through beautiful vineyards, as well as taste mesmerizing wine, in all tours.

Reasonable expenses

All tours offered by Wine in Provence are private customized tours. You can either choose a Half Day Private Tour or a Full Day Private Tour. Full day tours are held from 9.30am to 6.30pm, and involve visits to 4 or 5 wineries. Half day tours involve 3 visits, and take place between 1.30pm and 6.30pm. Half day tours cost 170€ per person as long as the number of members in a group stays between 2 and 4, and full day tours cost 350€ per person for such groups. On the other hand, in case a group has 5 to 7 members, half day tour costs 150€ and full day tour costs 325€ per person. All full day tours include delicious lunch.

Easy booking process

Booking a wine tour with Wine is Provence is a straightforward process. All you have to do is visit the official website and click on ‘Book Now’. Once you submit your information, the team will review your request, and reply back within 48 hours.


Note that your credit card is not charged instantly. That is because the Wine is Provence team has to confirm many aspects regarding a request with different wineries before reaching final conclusion. Money is only debited from your account if your wine tour is confirmed.

Check our website:

Top three reasons why you should visit Wilmington, North Carolina this year

We have rounded up the top three reasons why you should visit Wilmington, North Carolina this year!

The Beaches

Really, the beaches are reason enough for you to haul your loved one or the entire family to Wilmington. Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, and Kure Beach each offer a unique experience and none of them will dissapoint.

Wrightsville Beach is easily the most accessible of the Wilmington area beaches and perfect for your next family trip. The area stays active year round, making it a great off season destination. Dive into adventure with water sports galore or relax and unwind next to pristine clear waters. Need to escape the vacation rental? Head to the beachfront for a vibrant social scene and delicious restaurants.

Carolina Beach boasts a 700 acre state park with a visitor center and nature trails that wind throughout. In addition world class fishing opportunities abound and the area hosts three fishing competitions yearly. The beaches themselves are known for their soft sand and awesome surf and the nationally-renowned beach boardwalk will entertain all ages.

Kure Beach provides the perfect small town backdrop for you to reconnect and explore the area’s natural beauty. Home to the coast’s oldest fishing pier, Kure Beach is ripe with history. Outdoor parks and the aquarium make entertaining the kiddos a breeze.


The History

Wilmington Riverwalk holds the Cotton Exchange, the USS North Carolina Battleship, and the 1914 Murchison Building in its path among other prestigious historic buildings. If you can drag yourself away from the wooden walkway, history waits just steps away! Battleship North Carolina fought in every major naval offensive during WWII and earned 15 battle stars along the way. Walk along the decks and get swept back to 1942 and the history made by this vessel.

Museums, cemeteries, and historic homes are not in shortage and provide plenty to do if the weather prevents you from laying on the beach all day. Highlights include the Burgwin-Wright House Museum, the Bellamy Mansion Museum of History & Design, the Cape Fear Museum of History & Science, the Latimer House Museum, Moores Creek National Battlefield, Oakdale Cemetery, and the Poplar Grove Plantation.

Year Round Fun

Don’t let the off season deter you… In fact, many prefer to visit the Wilmington area in the fall to enjoy mild temps and crowd-free attractions. Vacation rental prices drop, leaving more money in your budget to dine out on delicious local seafood and soak up the attractions. If you visit during the fall, plan your stay around one of the many coastal festivals to immerse yourself in the local scene. In addition, the fishing scene remains one of the best on the east coast and the off-season means less competition from other visitors.

How to Survive Spring Break with Kids

The best part about having kids? You get to relive your spring break glory days (more or less) and soak up some sun while escaping your job for a little while. With so much to look forward to, here are some fail-proof tips to make your beach vacation go as smoothly as possible with your tots in tow.

Sunscreen, sunscreen, and then more sunscreen

We can not stress this enough if we tried. The only thing more miserable than a sunburned adult? A sunburned toddler. Not only will they be in pain, but going outside won’t be an option for burning off that endless energy.


A well-packed beach bag
Yes, yes, we know that you already have beach umbrellas, diapers, and toys to lug to the beach… But you will thank us later for adding the following items to your bag. Snacks are vital because the sun will literally suck the energy right out of you. A sun-dazed child sounds great in theory (peace and quiet!), but trust us, you want to keep them fueled up or you will be carrying the entire family home in addition to their equipment. Be smart and don’t pack snacks that can melt (chocolate!) and stear clear of sugary foods that will encourage sugar crashes later on in the day.
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Phi Phi Island Ferry

Phi Phi Island is a highly visited beach located near Thailand. It is an option for many city dwellers in Singapore when it comes to weekend trip destination. A journey to Phi Phi Island is worthwhile experience. Limestone cliffs, Golden sand beaches, coral reefs, turquoise blue sea hidden coves, great night life, canoeing adventures, delicious Thai delicacies, snorkeling, rock climbing, are all available at the Phi Phi Island. For this reason tourist and city dwellers who have visited this site must return again and again.

Phi Phi Island, also referred to as PP Island is only a couple of hours distance from Krabi and Phuket in Thailand. Whenever you visit any of these places, make out time to visit the really amazing PP. Phi Phi Island was totally destroyed by the Tsunami a few years ago. It was the second most affected location hit by the enormous wave, but everything has now been beautifully restored by to its natural beauty. The facilities now are likely to be better than they used to be.

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The Health Benefits of Vacation

Vacations are desirable for many reasons… What you might not realize is that taking a break from your status quo can lead to a boost in your overall health and wellness! People who take vacations are proven to have lower stress levels, a more positive outlook on life, decreased risk of heart disease, and an extra jolt of motivation to reach their goals. Don’t worry if you don’t have the time or budget to spend a month in Europe—just 24 hours away will let you reap all of these benefits.


Do you find yourself face to face with a mental roadblock or dip in your creativity and problem solving abilities? Taking time away from your every day life and work can lead to a boost in creativity and reasoning skills. A well-rested mind is a beautiful thing! In addition to increasing your mental skills, rest improves your health and overall wellbeing. The stimuli of your typical day can prevent you from getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night required for a healthy life. When you are worn out, stress levels sky rocket and diet and exercise fly out the window. Your body also prohibits natural healing when it is deprived of sleep. So, catching some extra ZZZs on vacation can help you repair and renew in ways that nothing else can. In addition to leaving you well rested, a vacation lets you step away from your current work and personal struggles—and approach them with a fresh mind and new perspective upon your return. Just as stepping away from a problem can help lead you to a solution, vacation can serve the same purpose for your job and personal relationships. This leads to decreased instances of burnout in the workplace.

Is your family at each other’s throats, nitpicking and making mountains out of molehills? Vacation is proven to strengthen the bonds within a family and repair damage caused by tension. Quality time together is a luxury and taking some time away with your partner or family will remind you why you love each other in the first place! Let loose with fun activities and relaxation to forge deeper bonds and repair any emotional stress. Experiences made away from everyday life strengthen positive associations and have a wonderful impact on the overall emotional health of the family unit. Shared memories will last far beyond your week at the beach and bring you joy for years to come.
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Embrace Your Inner Nomad: Horseback Riding Tours in Kyrgyzstan

“If you have only 1 day of life of this earth, spend half of it in a saddle.” – Kyrgyz proverb

What does it mean to be a Kyrgyz nomad? Of course formal definitions will talk about the seasonal movements, living off the land, and sleeping in yurts, and yes, those are all integral to nomadic life. However, the relationship between a nomad and his horses is one of the most intriguing pillars of nomadic life in the unforgiving, life-giving Tien Shan and Pamir-Alai Mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

The threads and colors of life in Kyrgyzstan are woven and held together by a nomadic culture that revolves around horses. The untamed, unpredictable mountains have strengthened the bond between horse and man in Kyrgyzstan so much so that nomads31 don’t just use horses as a means of transportation as one might think. No, horses are also used as income, a source of food, milk, and leather, as pack animals, for entertainment, as dowries, and even in religious ceremonies in olden days. Every part of life is somehow intertwined with horses.


So if you’re planning a trip to Kyrgy top of all the information about Kyrgyzstan you’ve already found, prepare yourself for a country filled with horses. You may see herds of horses running across the mountainsides, young pre-teen boys on horseback herding sheep, ladies milking horses to make the national drink, kymyz, men wrestling on horseback for sport, or people just riding on horseback to get to the next village. Read More